2013-2021 Housing Element

We are updating the Housing Element!  Please click here for the 2021-2029 Housing Element Update website: https://www.santamonica.gov/housing-element-update


On Tuesday, December 10, 2013, the City Council adopted the 2013-2021 Housing Element as part of the City's General Plan.  The final document is posted here.  Hard copies are available for purchase from the Planning Counter at City Hall, 1685 Main Street.

The City of Santa Monica, along with all jurisdictions in the Southern California (SCAG) Region, is mandated by California State Government Code Section 65580 to 65589 to prepare a Housing Element update for State certification within a specified timeframe. State Housing Element law requires that each City and County identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs within their jurisdiction for the next eight years, and prepare goals, policies, programs and quantified objectives to further the development, improvement, and preservation of housing.

The 2013-2021 Housing Element:

  • Reinforces the City’s commitment to affordable housing,
  • Continues existing City housing policy and updates as needed to meet State mandates and incorporate changes from the recently adopted LUCE,
  • Reinforces and expands on LUCE policies for neighborhood conservation and to develop complete neighborhoods in mixed-use areas adjacent to transit opportunities and services,
  • Reinforces and expands on LUCE policies for enhancing and preserving the community’s character,
  • Identifies strategies for expanding housing opportunities and services for all household types and income groups, and
  • Provides the primary policy guidance for local decision-making related to housing.

Housing Element analysis is based on updated 2010 census data on the City’s population, economic, and housing stock characteristics as well as a comprehensive evaluation of programs and regulations related to housing. Through this evaluation and analysis, existing goals were reaffirmed and some new policies and programs have been identified to address the community's housing needs.

The Housing Element planning period coincides with the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) period from January 1, 2014, through June 30, 2021.

2013-2021 Housing Element

Workshops & Milestones

Wed Jan 29, 2014

Housing Element Certified by State Dept. of HCD

The City received a letter from the State Department of Housing and Community Development certifying that the adopted 2013-2021 Housing Element complies with State Housing Element statutes.

Tue Dec 10, 2013

City Council Hearing

The City Council adopted the 2013-2021 Housing Element.

Wed Nov 06, 2013

Planning Commission Hearing

The Planning Commission recommended adoption of the 2013-2021 Housing Element and Negative Declaration in compliance with CEQA.

Wed Oct 02, 2013

Planning Commission Hearing

The Planning Commission adopted a Resolution of Intention to initiate the process of amending the General Plan Housing Element.

Tue Aug 27, 2013

City Council Hearing

City Council held a public hearing on August 27th and directed staff to submit the draft Housing Element to the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).

Wed Aug 07, 2013

Planning Commission Hearing

The Planning Commission held a hearing and provided comments on the draft Housing Element.

Thu Jul 25, 2013

First Draft Available for Public Review

The first draft of the 2013-2021 Housing Element is now available for public review and comment. The Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the draft Housing Element on August 7, 2013. All interested parties are invited and encouraged to comment in person or in writing. Please e-mail all comments to liz.bar-el@smgov.net.

Wed Sep 19, 2012

Housing Practitioners Stakeholders Meeting

Mon Aug 27, 2012

Social Services Commission Meeting

Wed Aug 08, 2012

Commission on the Status of Women Meeting

Wed Jul 18, 2012

Commission for the Senior Community Meeting




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