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ePermits System



The City of Santa Monica’s online Permit system may be used by:

  • Both property owners and contractors to obtain building permits for simple improvements to single family dwellings only.
  • Escrow Companies to apply for Residential Building Records.
  • Any member of the public to research Building permits, a parcel number, and/or an address.


Please note:

  • Only work on a single family dwelling is eligible for an ePermit. No other construction types, including commercial and multi-family, may pull an ePermit.
  • Once permit process is completed on ePermits, a licensed contractor must complete the Required Permit Declarations for Licensed Contractors at
  • If property owner is pulling permit as Owner/Builder, a Notice To Property Owner Form must be completed with notarized signature and emailed to  
  • ePermit is valid for only 180 days after permit issuance and will expire unless you begin work and receive an inspection within the 180 day period.
  • The maximum time an ePermit will remain valid, provided that inspections have been continuous, is one (1) year. Applicants needing additional time will need to file for a Building Permit Extension.
  • Issuance of an ePermit does not authorize any other construction work not expressly cover by the permit, any improper occupancies, additional dwelling units or any other unauthorized use of the property.
  • All work performed is subject to inspection.

Building Permits

ePermits can only be issued for interior non-structural work on single family dwellings, with the exception of gas shut-off valves, and where work does not require any type of plan review or approval.  Permits for all multi-family residential or commercial work must be issued in person at the permit counter in City Hall. For detailed requirements, see the ePermit Application Requirements. The following types of building permits may be issued using the ePermits system:

  • Electrical - Single Trade Permit: the construction, alteration, or removal of an electrical system.
  • Mechanical - Single Trade Permit: the construction, alteration, or removal of heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning and related systems.
  • Plumbing - Single Trade Permit: the construction, alteration, or removal of a plumbing system.
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodel - Combination Permit: the construction, alteration, or removal of a structure and its electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems.

Currently ePermits CANNOT be used for

  • Building permits for projects that have multiple construction trades or
  • that require the submission and review of construction plans, materials information or engineering calculations to verify compliance with building codes or
  • require discretionary City Planning approvals, including Architectural Review and compliance with the City's Landmark's and Historic District Ordinance.