Two-Block Rule

Your residential and visitor preferential parking permits are designed to allow you and your guests to park near your home.

Occasionally there may be no parking spaces on your block. For this reason, the City allows you and your visitors to park within two blocks of your address. The Traffic Services Division of the Police Department defines this area by the number of blocks away from the “hundred” block on which you live. Every time you cross an intersection, turn a corner or change hundred blocks, you have moved to another block. In the example below, consider your block of residence to be “X”: the first block adjacent to yours is the “one” block and the second is the “two” block. You can only park on your own block and blocks numbered “1” and “2.”

Please be aware that you can only use your permit to park on a street designated for preferential parking that is also within your numbered zone (and within two blocks of your residence). Your zone is indicated by the large number preceding the R or V on your preferential parking permit. North of the 10 Freeway, the major boundaries between zones are Wilshire Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard. South of the 10 Freeway, the major boundaries are Lincoln Boulevard and Cloverfield Boulevard/23rd Street.

Map of preferential parking zones and permitted streets

The Police Department has found that most offenses take place around Santa Monica College. Therefore, preferential parking permit holders should take special care to follow the two-block rule around this area. Use your best judgment; if you think you’ve parked more than two blocks away, you probably have. If you are parked more than two blocks away, your vehicle may be cited and you may have to pay a fine. For enforcement questions, contact the Santa Monica Police Department’s Traffic Services Division at 310-458-8466.

Preferential Parking Two Block Rule Diagram