Temporary No Parking Signs

Temporary No Parking Signs are issued to residents and businesses for the purpose of reserving on-street parking spaces, when off-street parking or loading spaces are not large enough.

TNP Signs

  • Signs must be purchased at least two days in advance
  • Proof of residency is required
  • Be sure to know whether your truck has a ramp or lift, both will require more space.
  • If you are requesting metered spaces, bring the meter numbers to City Hall
  • In cases where you are requesting space in front of your neighbor’s single‐family home
  • Valet zone meters may not be reserved during valet hours
  • Handicapped parking, no parking zones, and loading zones may not be reserved
  • Once you purchase signs, they will need to be posted and inspected a minimum of 24 hours in advance

Proof of residency for Temporary No Parking Signs must include your name and current Santa Monica residential address and may be in the form of:

  • a current utility, phone, credit card bill,
  • bank statement
  • or lease document

In addition to Temporary No Parking Signs, an Oversize Load Permit may be required for large vehicles.

Please note moving pods require a Use of Public Property Permit.

Applications & Forms