Single Trade Construction Permit

To help make getting minor building permits simple, the City created an express permit type called the Single Trade Permit (STP) for simple improvements involving only one type of trade such as:

  • Door or window replacement
  • Electrical (i.e. wiring, lighting and service panels)
  • Fences and block walls over six feet high, measured from the top of the wall to bottom of the footing
  • Mechanical (i.e. furnace or air conditioner replacement, replacing ductwork or fans)
  • Stucco/Plastering
  • Plumbing (i.e. hot water heater change outs, sink replacements, and re-piping)
  • Re-roofing with no structural alteration
  • Sandblasting
  • Seismic Retrofit (i.e. foundation bolting and bracing of cripple walls with the City’s Standard Plan)
  • Installation of patio covers which do not result in the addition of a roof deck

For more complex projects that do not qualify for Single Trade Permits, the City uses the Combination Permit that accommodates multiple trades.
Work at as single-family residential property that does not include a major installation, or structural remodel may also qualify for the e-Permits system, see detailed e-Permit application requirements.

Applications & Forms

Single Trade Permit Application
Who Can Pull a Building Permit


To encourage homeowners to obtain inspections that help ensure their safety, the City charges a reduced fee for Single Trade Permits. This fee represents approximately one-half of the true cost to provide inspection service and record maintenance for these permits. The permit entitles you to a maximum of three (3) site visits by inspection staff.
Staff is available to assist you with fee calculation at the Public Counter. Please provide them with any project plans to allow for calculation of permit fees.