Records Request

Residential Building Records

A records request for a report of residential building records may be submitted by using the ePermits system. This report is required prior to the sale of any residential building. [SMMC 9.08]
To submit a records request:

  1. Register online for the ePermits system
  2. Follow instructions for Residential Building Report application

Please note

  • If you are home owner, real estate broker / agent, please type the word "OWNER" when the system asks for your Contractor License number.
  • If you are unable to access the ePermits system, you may use the Application for Report of Building Records (pdf).
  • You may also Login into the system to research a particular building permit online.

Plan Duplication Request

If you wish to request copies of any of the building plans, soils reports or structural calculations, please submit a completed Plan Duplication Request Form (pdf) at the Public Counter

To all customers viewing or wanting copies of public documents and plans that are stamped by a licensed Engineer and/or Architect please note:

  • Documents and plans that are stamped by a licensed Engineer or Architect are protected by copyright laws.
  • California Health and Safety Code Section 19851 forbid the making of copies of these plans without first obtaining the written permission from the owner of these plans.
  • Please do not trace, copy, photograph or attempt to duplicate any building plans, soils reports or structural calculations in any way.

Building Permit Records Request

Public Records Request Form