Planning and Community Development records may be requested and/or viewed in various ways, as detailed below.

Public Records

Many of Planning and Community Development’s public records and project plans may be viewed at the public counter in the Permit Services Center; whereby, copies of these records, such as building permits and City Planning case records, may also be obtained. Copies of project plans are subject to the Plans Duplication Request process detailed below.

Alternatively, the Department’s public records (not including copies of project plans) may also be requested through a Public Records Request, in accordance with Government Code Section 6256. To submit a Public Records Request, please visit the City’s online Public Records Request Center


Plans Duplication Request

Construction drawings (i.e. plans) are available for viewing only at the public counter in the Permit Services Center. Any request to obtain a copy of plans requires the submittal of a Plans Duplication Request to a Permit Specialist for processing, and to obtain required authorization prior to releasing any copies. Plans are protected by copyright laws, and California Health & Safety Code Section 19851 prohibits the release of copies of plans without written permission from the property owner and the licensed professional that prepared the plans.