Please refer to the links below to identify the plan review process associated with the City's review of a building permit application based on project type and scope of work.  


Building Permit Exemptions

The following project types do not require a building permit; however, Zoning Conformance Review may still be required (see City Planning for further information).

  • 1-story detached accessory structure less than 14-feet in height with no utilities and less than 120SF.
  • Exterior freestanding fences seven feet or less in height, and concrete or masonry walls 4 feet or less in height.
  • Retaining walls less than four feet in height, as measured from bottom of footing, and not supporting an adjacent building, pool, or driveway.
  • Finish work (e.g. carpeting, painting, wallpaper).
  • Reinstallation of existing fixtures (e.g. sinks, water closets) associated with work to repair, stop leaks or other work not requiring a building permit (e.g. floor tile installation), provided the reinstallation does not involve the replacement or rearrangement or valves, pipes, or fixtures.
  • Platforms, driveways, and walkways not more than 30 inches above grade and not over any basement or story below.
  • Flooring when on concrete slab or when weighing less than four pounds per square foot, or when replacing the same weight per square foot.
  • Movable cases, counters and partitions not over five feet, nine inches in height.
  • Repair of electrical or mechanical equipment.
  • Repair or replacement of electrical switches, contacts, or control devices.
  • Reinstallation of plug receptacles.
  • Electrical operations operating at less than 25 volts and not capable of supplying more than 50 watts of energy.