How to Pay Plan Review and Permit Fees 

Plan Review fees can be paid in person at Permit Services center, or online by following the seven steps below.

  1. Visit;
  2. Select 'Building' tab from top menu items;
  3. Enter project number in 'Record Number' field. No need to fill in anything else;
  4. Hit 'Search';
  5. Click 'Payments' drop-down menu;
  6. Select 'Fees'; and then
  7. Click 'Pay Fees' 

If paying fees associated with a project that is subject to review in ProjectDox, you must also log into ProjectDox and complete the 'Fees Due' task so that your project is routed to reviewers. The plan review process will not begin until the 'Fees Due' task is completed. See here for instructions on how to complete the 'Fees Due' task in ProjectDox.