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Welcome to Santa Monica’s Electronic Plan Review System (EPR)

Santa Monica's EPR system allows residents, architects, and developers to submit plans for review entirely online. EPR offers applicants the convenience to check the status of their projects online at any time in addition to saving travel and printing costs. 

EPR Submittal Process and Information

EPR requires use of the following two websites as part of the plan review process:

  1. Citizen Access  -  The website for creating a new building permit application and for making online fee payments. 
  2. ProjectDox  -  The website for the upload and review of project plans and supporting materials. Applicants view and receive project corrections, and track project status in ProjectDox

To apply and submit project to EPR, complete the following steps

  1. Create an EPR project on Citizen Access (refer to instructions on How to Create a Plan Review Application on Citizen Access Prior to Uploading Plan Review Materials to EPR); 
  2. First time users of ProjectDox will receive an automated email at the email address used to create the project in Citizen Access. Use this email to register a new user account in ProjectDox;
  3. Registered ProjectDox users will receive a separate automated email with an invitation to join the newly created project in ProjectDox;
  4. Login to ProjectDox with the same email address used to create the project in Citizen Access and upload the following required documents:
    1. EPR application packet;
    2. Project plans (refer to EPR Upload and Submittal Standards); and
    3. Any associated or supporting documentation (e.g. soils report, structural calculations, Coastal Commission approval, Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan, etc.). Refer to EPR Minimum Submittal Guide

EPR Document Resources

Need help using the EPR system?

1. Visit video tutorials below on how to complete various tasks throughout the plan review process. 

2. FAQ & Internet Explorer browser settings 

3. To access the EPR system manual, click on the question mark in the upper-right hand corner of your EPR home screen          

Locating ProjectDox user manual