Plan Review Documents

A complete plan review submission may include some or all of the following documents. An abbreviated checklist of these documents is available as a pdf: Plan Check (Electronic Plan Review) Minimum Submittal Guide


Plan review thresholds for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations can be found here


Supporting Documents


  • Detailed statement of Scope of Work on Cover Sheet
  • Project Data (Type of Const., Occupancy Group, sq.ft., etc.)
  • Plot Plan/Site Plan (including setback dimensions, location of driveways and trees, etc.)
  • Scaled Trash Enclosure on site plan per Public Works Resource Recovery and Recycling Requirement
  • Tree Protection Plan (for Private and Public trees)
  • General and Fire Life Safety Notes
  • Floor Plans
  • Cross Sections/details
  • Building Elevation Certification Form
  • Roof Plan
  • Disabled Accessibility Details (for Commercial and new multifamily projects)
  • Energy Forms
  • Foundation Plan
  • Excavation and Shoring Plans
  • Structural Framing Plans
  • Structural Details
  • Plumbing Plans (for Commercial and multifamily projects)
  • Mechanical Plans (for Commercial and multifamily projects)
  • Electrical Plans (for Commercial and multifamily projects)

Additional Requirements

  • Geotechnical Reports

Guidelines for Geotechnical Reports

New buildings and additions greater than 750 square feet normally require a geotechnical report for the adequacy of the foundation and effects of any possible fault rupture and liquefaction from the Santa Monica faults.

A complete submittal shall contain the following:
Geotechnical reports, maps, and related documents submitted to the City are required to be in electronic format (pdf).


Submittal Requirements

Detailed submittal requirements: