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To access the City’s Electronic Plan Review system, visit plans.smgov.net/projectdox

Welcome to Santa Monica’s Electronic Plan Review System (EPR)

Santa Monica first introduced its Electronic Plan Review (EPR) in 2010 in an effort to reduce the use of paper and to offer increased flexibility to citizens, architects, and developers who are involved in the City of Santa Monica’s building permit process. EPR submittal offers the financial benefits of reduced printing and storage costs, as well as time and fuel savings, by providing the flexibility of a plan check submittal online from an off-site location.

A significant upgrade to the EPR system became effective on October 16, 2017 that modernizes the system’s functionality, enhances customer service, improves communication between the City and plan check applicants, and makes the system more user friendly for the customer.

What to expect after the transition to the upgraded Electronic Plan Review system:

A. If you have a plan check that was submitted to the City prior to October 16, 2017
Continue using the previous ePlans system at https://eplans.smgov.net/projectdox/index.aspx as normal.  Your project will continue to be reviewed within the prior ePlans system unless you submit a request to a Permit Specialist to have it migrated over to the new EPR system." 

B. If you are submitting a new plan check to the City on or after October 16, 2017

Plan check submittals as of October 16, 2017, are required to be processed per the newly upgraded EPR system. First, you must visit Santa Monica’s Citizen Access website to create and initiate your project, per the instructions on How to Create a Plan Check Application in Citizen Access. Once the project has been created, you must login to the EPR system at https://plans.smgov.net/projectdox to upload the required plan check documents. Please refer to the City’s Plan Check Upload and Submittal Standards for EPR for file naming conventions and maximum file size requirements for the City’s acceptance of a plan check submittal.

The following documents are required as part of your plan check submittal and upload to the EPR system.  Refer to Plan Check (Electronic Plan Review) Minimum Submittal Guide to view typical contents of a complete plan check submittal.
1. EPR (plan check) application;
2. Project plans;
3. Any associated or supporting project documentation (e.g. soils report, structural calculations, Coastal Commission approval, Construction & Demo Waste Management Plan, etc.).
For details on how to upload plans and documents to EPR, please view the video tutorials in the help section below.

Need help using the Electronic Plan Review (EPR) system?

1. To access the EPR system manual, click on the question mark in the upper-right hand corner of your EPR home screen          

Locating ProjectDox user manual

2. FAQ

3. Video tutorials for applicants on how to complete various tasks throughout the plan check process.
      a.  How to login and view ‘My Projects’ and ‘Tasks’
      b.  How to upload files to the Electronic Plan Review system
      c.  How to complete ‘Tasks’
      d.  How to view ‘Changemarks,’ ‘Checklists,’ and ‘Comments’
      e.  How to publish (i.e. export) a plans sheet as a PDF file
      f.   How to check the status of your plan check
      g.  How to pay plan check fees
      h.  How to download approved plans and documents
      i.   How to reset your password


Need help using the previous ePlans system?

Visit the ePlans page.