1685 Main Street, Room 111
Santa Monica CA  90401

Public Counter Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.*
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
*City Hall is closed on alternating Fridays. 
A list of closed Friday dates can be viewed here.

Santa Monica's Permit Services Center processes, reviews, and approves building permit applications to provide the legal permission to construct new development, or alter or add to existing development. 

Public Counter Services
The following public counters are available for walk-up consultation and service during the Permit Services Center hours. A greeter is present upon entering Permit Services Center to assist you if you are unsure which counter to visit for your particular issue. 

  • Permit Specialist (building permit issuance, fee payment, Building & Safety records)
  • Building & Safety (Building Codes, plan review)
  • City Planning (zoning, plan review, land use entitlement application submittal)
  • Mobility (temporary 'No Parking' signs, Temporary Traffic Control Plan, Oversize Load permit, plan review)
  • Civil Engineering (public right-of-way, street survey, utility permit, utility records)
  • Public Works (Use of Public Property permit, moving PODS, filming)

Plan Review
Building permit applications may require plan review by multiple City Departments/Divisions outside the Planning and Community Development Department (PCD) depending on the scope of work. Reviewers of building permit applications may include:

What Permit Application and Plan Review Process Applies to You?
There are a number of different building permit applications and plan review processes associated with obtaining a building permit that depend upon the project type and its scope of work. If you are unsure which building permit application you need, or  would like information on the plan review process and City requirements that may apply to your particular project, please visit the Project Types and Processing Requirements page. On this page you can select the project type that best fits your proposal and identify the appropriate building permit application, plan review process, plan submittal requirements, estimated plan review timeline for initial corrections, and special requirements that apply your project and should be taken into consideration as part of your project development and design. 

How To Submit Your Building Permit Application
Once you know which plan review process applies to your particular project, the following pages will instruct you on the process and requirements associated with your building permit application submittal.