Oversize Load Permit

Any vehicle or its load that is wider, taller, longer or heavier than thresholds listed below is considered oversize and must have a permit to travel in the City of Santa Monica. Valid insurance is required as described on page two of the Oversize Load Permit application. Oversize loads must travel on the City’s truck route network as much as possible to and from their destination.

Oversize thresholds

  • The total outside width of any vehicle or its load exceeds 8 feet 6 inches (102”), or
  • The height of any vehicle or its load exceeds 14 feet, or
  • The length of any single vehicle or its load exceeds 40 feet, except as specified in CVC 35400(b) or the length of a combination vehicle or its load exceeds 65 feet, or
  • The maximum gross weight is over 80,000 pounds, the single axle weight is over 20,000 pounds, or the tandem axle weight is over 34,000 pounds.
  • Vertical Clearances for the newly constructed EXPO bridge spanning Olympic Boulevard and Cloverfield Boulevard are as follows:
  • 16'-6" Olympic bridge westbound and eastbound Olympic
  • 18'-8" Cloverfield bridge northbound and southbound Cloverfield
  • Stewart Street between Kansas and Virginia Avenues has a vertical clearance of 15'-3" underneath Interstate 10.
  • Pico Boulevard between Centinela Avenue and 34th Street has a vertical clearance of 15'-4" underneath Interstate 10.

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