Overnight Oversize Parking Permit

An Overnight Oversize parking permit must be displayed between the hours of 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM to temporarily park a recreational vehicle more than eight feet in width, or eight feet in height, or twenty feet in length in a residential area. Permits may only be issued for non-commercial passenger vehicles. [SMMC 3.12.900] No more than one (1) Overnight Oversize parking permit may be issued in any thirty-day period per residential address.

To obtain an Overnight Oversize parking permit you must provide the following documentation at the time of application:

Review of Application

Upon the filing of the application, the City may make such investigation as necessary to determine whether such a permit should be issued. Review may require up to 5 business days. A permit will not be issued if it is determined that overnight parking of the vehicle would create a hazard to pedestrians, vehicular traffic, or enforcement of the law.

Permit Fees

Overnight Oversize Permits are issued to residents free of charge.

Placement of Permit

Overnight Oversize hangtag permits shall be visibly displayed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle for which it is issued. You may be cited if the permit is not displayed properly. Displaying a copy of a permit will result in citation. Permits must be removed when the vehicle is in motion [CVC Section 26708(a)].

Important Notes

  • Application and required documentation may be e-mailed to parking@smgov.net.
  • Overnight Oversize parking permits are valid for use in residential areas only.
  • An Overnight Oversize parking permit does not exempt you from other parking regulations such as preferential parking restrictions, curb markings, alleys, meters, street sweeping, or anywhere else parking is prohibited.
  • Oversize vehicles parked in a preferential parking zone must also display a valid Resident or Visitor parking permit.
  • Oversize Overnight parking permits are not valid in beach lots, in City-owned lots or structures, or in commercial areas.
  • Vehicles parked in the same space more than 72 hours are subject to citation and/or tow [CVC Section 22651(k)].
  • Permits are non-transferable. Individuals who have sold or transferred their permits may lose their permit privileges.
  • Permit holders must obey all posted signs, the California Vehicle Code, and the Santa Monica Municipal Code.

For questions about parking enforcement or tickets, contact Santa Monica Police Department Traffic Services Division at (310) 458-8466.