Minor Outdoor Dining Permit


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>>Learn more and apply: www.santamonica.gov/temporary-use-of-outdoor-areas



 A Minor Outdoor Dining (MOD) & Sidewalk Use Permit may be issued to allow the placement of tables, chairs, and/or benches to be utilized for dining and/or restaurant waiting purposes. The permit approval process is based on providing and maintaining adequate pedestrian access.

Any change of use, such as placement of additional chairs and/or tables requires the submittal of a new permit application and revised seating location diagram for review and approval.



General Requirements for Outdoor Dining

General Outdoor Dining Standards and Minor Outdoor Dining Standards (Excluding Ocean Avenue, Third Street Promenade, and Transit Mall)

Outdoor Dining Design Standards for Ocean Ave

Outdoor Dining Design Standards for Third Street Promenade

Outdoor Dining Standards For Transit Mall

Building and Safety Division Outdoor Dining Standards

Applications and Forms

Minor Outdoor Dining & Sidewalk Use Permit Application

Outdoor Dining License Application

Instructions to Prepare Required Seating Location Diagram


Planning Fee Schedule