Building Inspections

All permitted projects require an inspection by a Building and Safety Division Inspector to ensure that a project is constructed according to approved plans and minimum code requirements. Jobsites must be available for Inspection Services from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Virtual inspections are also offered for eligible inspection types. To scheduled an inspection or view a project's inspection history please visit the Online Inspection Scheduling System

Each morning, inspection window times for the day's scheduled inspections can be viewed on the Scheduled Permit Inspections page. Some FAQs for inspections can be found here

Before requesting a final Building and Safety Inspection, you may need to contact the following for Inspection:

City Planning (310) 458-8341
Fire Department (310) 458-8915
Landscape and Irrigation (310) 458-8405
Public Landscape (310) 458-8974
Public Works (310) 458-2240
Sewer (310) 458-8533
Urban Runoff Mitigation (310) 458-8223
Water (310) 458-8535
Water Neutrality (310) 458-8972 ext. 1

Before scheduling a Building Inspection you will also need to turn in your Contractors City Business License Release Form to the Business License Division.

Business License Division (310) 458-8745

Special Inspections

In addition to the inspections required by Section 108, some construction projects require that a deputy inspector verifies specific aspects of the construction and that the specifications conform to the approved drawings. The deputy inspector is required to report these observations in writing, on an approved special inspection report form to the building official at regular intervals.
Special (Deputy) Inspections are required for:

  • Concrete Strength > 2,500 psi, Shotcrete
  • Reinforcement in structural decks
  • Drilled in Anchors
  • Field Welding or Shop Welding in a non-approved fabricator shop (includes steel stud)
  • High strength bolts
  • Sprayed-on fire proofing
  • Pilings – caissons
  • Masonry
  • Wood diaphrams and sheerwalls with nailing 4 inches on center or less
  • Special cases as directed by the Building Official

Deputy Inspectors must report to the Division either by phone or in person to be added to the building permit. Deputy Inspection reports WILL NOT be accepted if received from a non-registered deputy or if the deputy did not check in prior to reporting to the site.

Deputy Inspectors

The Architect, Engineer, or Owner on a project is responsible for arranging for special inspections. Deputy Inspectors must have a valid City of Los Angeles Certification for the field of work to be inspected. Deputy inspectors must also be registered with the City of Santa Monica Building and Safety Division prior to working in the City.
List of registered special (deputy) inspectors

Register as a Deputy Inspector

Deputy inspector registration is valid for 2 years from date of payment. After two years inspectors will need to provide the Building & Safety Division with updated LA City certifications and reapply as a deputy inspector.
A successful application for deputy inspector includes the following: