Submit Planning applications through online system

The City Planning Division accepts Planning application appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though an online appointment system that will require on-line document submittal and credit card payment.   

You can use this system to apply for all Planning applications including: 

•      Discretionary permits (development review, conditional use permits, minor use permits, major modifications, variances, subdivision maps, etc.),  

•      Administrative permits (AAs, alcohol exemptions, minor modifications, zoning conformance, temporary use permits) 

•      Fence, wall, hedge permits 

•      Architectural Review Board: Design, Landscaping, Signs requiring Board approval 

•      Landmarks applications: designation nominations, certificates of appropriateness 

•      Appeals (note: special appointments will be made to ensure the ability to file an appeal within the statutory appeal period) 



To ensure an efficient and successful experience, we ask that you carefully complete the application form and assemble all required materials.  Planning Application forms can be found at

Some things to remember: 

•        Fill in all relevant form information.   

•        Have the form signed by the property owner. We will accept the scanned form with the signature. 

•        Make sure that your plans are complete and include all required pages.   

•        Don’t forget the Oaks Initiative form, listing all appropriate names of directors and trustees, as requested in the form. 

•        Combine all pages of the application into one .pdf except the project plans.  Project plans should be combined into one separate .pdf. 

•        If you have questions, you can get help from a planner.  Submit your questions through the 311 program



1.      Use the online appointment system.  

2.      Prior to the appointment, you will receive an email with further directions for uploading your application materials and beginning your appointment.