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E-permits (Express Permits)

The City of Santa Monica's E-permits system may be used to:

  • Obtain a building permit in just a few minutes for qualifying projects on a single-unit residentially zoned (R1) property;
  • Apply for a Residential Building Report prior to the sale of a property;
  • Research limited building permit and parcel activity for a property

E-permits can be issued online in just a few minutes for certain simple projects on single-unit residentially zoned (R1) properties without requiring a trip to the Permit Services Center. Qualifying projects do not require plan review or other regulatory verification, such as architectural review or compliance with City's Landmark and Historic District ordinance. View the list of project types eligible for an E-permit prior to starting the process. Multi-family residential and commercial projects are not eligible for an E-permit, and are subject to the plan review process associated with the particular project type.

Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for, and obtain, an E-permit can be found here.



  • Once payment of fees has been made in E-permits system, a licensed contractor must complete the Required Permit Declarations for Licensed Contractors (the building permit is not considered 'Issued' until this step has been completed);
  • If the property owner is pulling the building as Owner/Builder, a Notice to Property Owner Form must be completed with notarized signature and emailed to (the building permit is not considered 'Issued' until this step has been completed);
  • Issuance of an E-permit does not authorize any other construction work, occupancy, or other unauthorized use of the property, not expressly covered by the E-permit;
  • All construction work performed is subject to inspection from a City Building and Safety Inspector. Information on how to schedule an inspection and view inspection history can be found here.