Combo Trade Construction Permit

The Combination Permit allows you to pull one permit for the entire project avoiding the requirement of pulling separate permits for building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing trades. Combo Permits typically require plans. Depending on your project type, required drawings may include a site plan, foundation, floor, framing, and roof plans, building elevations and sections, construction details and structural calculations. When new floor area is added, an energy efficiency report is also required. To obtain your construction permit, you must have first completed any necessary plan review process for your project. Once complete, the property owner or a licensed contractor may obtain the permit.

Applications & Forms

Combination Building Permit Application

Combo Permit Packet

Who Can Pull a Building Permit

Owner/Builder Information and Risks


Permit fees depend on project scope and complexity. Basic permit fees reflect the estimated reasonable cost to provide any necessary plan review and inspection services and maintain City records. More complex projects include additional permit fees that reflect the community’s need for long-term capital improvement projects like water and sewer facilities, public schools and parks. Partial fees are collected at the time you submit plans for review. The balance of permit fees is due prior to permit issuance.

Staff is available to assist you with fee calculation at the Building and Safety Division public counter. Please provide them with any project plans to allow for calculation of permit fees.

Fee Schedule