Beach Parking Permits & Permit Availability

The City of Santa Monica beach lots are open for public parking from sunrise to sunset only, with the exceptions of Lot 1N that is open from 6 AM to 2 AM, and the upper Pier Deck lot that is open 24 hours per day. The daily and hourly parking fees (see page 3) vary depending on the season and location of the lot. See map for all lot locations.

A permit is not required to park at the beach during daylight hours. In lieu of paying the daily fee, a frequent beach-goers may choose to purchase a monthly, semi-annual, or annual permit for his or her personal-registered vehicle (no commercial vehicles or RVs allowed). Beach parking permits are sold while supplies last as each type is pre-ordered on an annual basis and has a limited quantity available. Beach parking permits cannot be prorated.

Beach permits for the upcoming new calendar year are made available the Monday after Thanksgiving except annual Day Beach permits, second semi-annual permits, and Senior Beach permits. Current annual Day Beach permit holders can renew starting the Monday after Thanksgiving. IF there are any annual Day Beach permits remaining, they will be made available to new customers the first Monday in February (e.g. February 2017 for a 2017 permit). Please expect long lines on both days and plan accordingly.

Second semi-annual beach permits, valid from July 1 through December 31, are on sale starting the third Monday in May of every year.

Senior Beach permits, valid from April 1 through March 31, are on sale starting the first Monday in March of every year. 2018-19 Senior Beach permits are now sold out as of 4/3/18. If you mailed in your renewal, your order will be returned to you in whole. 2019-20 Senior Beach permits will be available the first Monday in March 2019.

California driver’s license and California vehicle registration reflecting your name and current address must be provided at the time of application for all beach parking permit applications and renewals. We do not accept temporary registrations or documentation, and beach permits can be issued only to personal-registered vehicles (no commercial vehicles or RVs allowed). In addition, beach permits must be purchased in person by the individuals requesting the permits. We do not accept proxies. Visit the links below for additional permit-specific requirements.

  • Day Beach - for California residents and for day use only
  • Day Lot - for employees of Santa Monica Pier or Beach businesses; the businesses must have a valid City of Santa Monica business license on file with the City
  • Main Street Employee - for employees of businesses located along Main Street south of Pico Boulevard, including businesses on cross streets up to Neilson Way to the west of Main Street and up to 3rd Street to the east of Main Street; the businesses must have a valid City of Santa Monica business license on file with the City
  • Overnight Beach Resident - for Santa Monica residents living within the beach zone
  • Senior Beach - for California residents aged 62 or over and for day use only; valid April 1 thru March 31 each year