Apply for Property Development Permits

The Permit Process

  1. Research
    Find your Zoning using the Online Property Information System, check permit requirements, and download available checklists or guides.  Customers who are proposing to upgrade or install new electrical service should contact Southern California Edison as early as possible.
  2. Plan Check
    Plan Check is the City of Santa Monica’s process of reviewing and approving all drawings, and specifications for improvements to verify compliance with building, zoning, and fire codes. The plan check process is complimentary to the permit process and may include over-the-counter plan check for certain projects. Complex projects are recommended to also complete a Pre-submittal Review.
  3. Application & Fees
    Complete all necessary applications and forms, and submit online or in person at the Public Counter. All fees must be paid at the time of application submittal. Fees may be paid online or at the Public Counter. Current fees can be found here. To view a full fee schedule select Planning and Community Development in the "Department" drop down menu and click "Fee Schedule."
  4. Application Submittal & Review
    Staff reviews applications for compliance with local zoning ordinance and building codes, and advises applicant on any further steps necessary. Depending on permit and scope of project, you may be required to hold a community meeting, obtain approval from other departments, or review by a Discretionary Board may be necessary.
  5. Permit Approval
    Once all permit requirements are complete, staff will issue permits to applicant.
  6. Inspection
    All permitted projects require an inspection by a Building and Safety Division Inspector. An inspection ensures that the project is constructed according to approved plans. Request an Inspection

Apply Online

  1. Check the requirements.
  2. New users, Register online
  3. Returning users, Login to start applying
    • as a contractor
    • as a homeowner
  4. For Construction Permits, submit your permit declaration  
  5. Pay fees online or in person at the Public Counter

Apply In Person

  1. Check the requirements.
  2. Complete all required documents
  3. Apply in person at the Public Counter.
  4. Pay fees online or in person at the Public Counter