Historic Resources Inventory

The Historic Resources Inventory (HRI) is a database containing building descriptions and evaluations of potential historic resources in Santa Monica. Each property listed on the HRI has been evaluated by professionals using accepted industry standards and criteria. City staff uses the HRI to identify properties of potential historic significance.


Check Property Status for 2018 Historic Resources Inventory Update

The 2018 Historic Resources Inventory Update is now complete! Please visit the HRI Update page for more information.  To check property status on the 2018 HRI Update, please search both PDF files below for potential individual resources and resources located within potential districts.  Integration of the data from the 2018 update will be forthcoming in the searchable database.

Property Status: 2018 HRI Update Individual Resources

Property Status: 2018 HRI Update District Resources

Check Property Status for 2010 Historic Resources Inventory (for archival purposes only)

The information in this searchable database is provided for archival purposes only.  For current property status as of 2018, please search the above PDF files. Properties listed in the HRI will return a data sheet including an evaluation code. In accordance with Chapter 9.33, sellers are required by law to disclose to buyers whether their property is listed in the HRI or is a designated Historic Resource. Data sheets in the HRI currently reflect information from the 2008-2010 citywide update. City staff is working to include datasheets from earlier surveys. If your property is not included in the HRI or for additional help you are encouraged to Contact Us for more information.

For best search results, please use abbreviated street designations (e.g., ST, AVE, BLVD) or omit them entirely.
ImageAddressDate ConstructedStyleDistrict Name
1912Oregon Ave Sidewalk Sign 
MAIN ST 1925Utilitarian 
1001 3RD ST 1927Spanish Colonial RevivalElegant Apartment Buildings
1001 GEORGINA AVE 1919Colonial RevivalGeorgina Avenue
1002 22ND ST 1903Contemporary 
1005 5TH ST 1906Craftsman 
1006 BROADWAY 1924Spanish Colonial Revival1000 Block Broadway Sp Col Rev
1006 PINE ST 1914Craftsman 
1008 11TH ST 1954Modern 
101 SANTA MONICA BLVD 1925Spanish Colonial RevivalCentral Business District
1010 BROADWAY 1924Spanish Colonial Revival1000 Block Broadway Sp Col Rev
1011 6TH ST 1907Turn-of-the-twentieth-century 
1011 GEORGINA AVE 1939Minimal TraditionalGeorgina Avenue
1012 2ND ST 1924Turn-of-the-twentieth-century 
1012 BROADWAY 1925Spanish Colonial Revival1000 Block Broadway Sp Col Rev
1012 PINE ST 1915Craftsman 
1015 CALIFORNIA AVE 1924American Colonial Revival 
1017 4TH ST 1930Art Deco 
1018 5TH ST 1912Craftsman 
1019 20TH ST 1923English Revival 
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