The Plaza at Santa Monica Project

The Plaza at Santa Monica will demolish the existing bank branches and parking lots for the development of a 17,800 SF ground level Grand Public Plaza, a smaller plaza at 5th and Arizona, two ground level pocket parks, a 11,000 SF second level public park, a 12,000 SF cultural amenity, 48 affordable housing units either on site or the contribution of funds towards affordable housing offsite, 41,300 SF of ground floor retail, an approximately 240 room hotel, and 106,800 SF feet of creative workspace. Additionally, the project would include a 1,700 SF Bike Center with 3,500 SF of below grade bicycle storage, and 5,900 SF of below grade service area and equipment rooms. An additional 39,100 SF of unenclosed elevated exterior decks will be available for the visiting public, hotel guests, and tenants of the building.

The Project building will step back from the ground floor public plazas starting at 19’ average height along the southern plaza edge, rising to 59’ in middle of the site, 89’ in height further south, and finally 129’ in height along the new east/west alleyway in the middle of the block. As part of the development, the northern half of 4th Court that runs between Arizona Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. will be vacated and replaced with a new east/west alleyway running mid-block along the southern boundary of the development site connecting the remainder of 4th Court to 4th and 5th Streets.


Pursuant to CEQA, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared to analyze  the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Plaza at Santa Monica Project. Additionally, CEQA requires that an EIR describe and analyze a "reasonable range of alternatives" to the project. In accordance with City Council direction, the EIR will include analysis of an alternative that would develop a public park on the project site. 


Draft Environmental Impact Report - Tuesday Dec 04, 2018

The Draft EIR comment period is 60 days exceeding the minimum 45 days required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15105. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

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Tue Dec 04, 2018


City Contact

Jing Yeo, Planning Manager

(310) 458-8341


4th and Arizona

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