Providence Saint Johns Health Center Phase II Master Plan EIR

Providence Saint John's Health Center Phase II Master Plan will establish the basic parameters guiding Providence development of the Phase II Project, including, without limitation: (a) building placement, (b) heights for all buildings, (c) setbacks for all buildings, (d) stepbacks for all buildings, (e) parking (both subterranean and above-grade), (f) location of uses, (g) vehicular and pedestrian circulation, (h) open space and (i) a Phase II Project phasing plan.

The existing buildings/improvements proposed to be demolished/removed as part of the Phase II Master Plan consist of (i) the existing Child and Family Development Center (“CFDC”),
(ii) the existing MRI Facility (“MRI”), (iii) the existing Saint John’s Health Center Foundation building (“SJF”), (iv) the existing John Wayne Cancer Institute (“JWCI”), and (v) the vacant 10-unit residential building (“RB”).

The Phase II Master Plan includes the following uses to be located in ten new
buildings: Hospital/Health Care, Medical Research Facilities (including a new facility for the John Wayne Cancer Institute), new Child & Family Development Center, Day Care, Health & Wellness Center, Education & Conference Center, Visitor Housing, 10 replacement residential apartment units, as well as opportunities for Health-Related Services, Neighborhood Commercial Uses and Restaurants/Cafés.


Draft Environmental Impact Report - Tuesday Jul 30, 2019

The Draft EIR comment period is 45 days as required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15105. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Friday Sep 13, 2019

Notice of Preparation (NOP) - Monday Apr 10, 2017

The NOP comment period is 30 days as required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15082. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Thursday May 11, 2017

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Tue Apr 11, 2017


City Contact

Roxanne Tanemori AICP, Principal Planner

(310) 458-8341


20th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard

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