Ocean Avenue Project EIR

The proposed Project would involve redevelopment of the site to include a hotel, residential apartments, cultural uses, a rooftop publicly-accessible observation deck, restaurant and retail uses, open space, and subterranean parking in the Downtown District of the City. The proposed development would provide 122,400 sf of full-service hotel space with up to 120 hotel guestrooms, meeting and banquet rooms, and a hotel spa; 100 residential apartment units (including deed-restricted affordable units, replacement rent-controlled units, and market-rate units); 36,110 sf of restaurant (including outdoor dining areas) and retail uses; and a 35,500-sf Cultural Use Campus (e.g., museum, gallery, event space). The Cultural Use Campus would include the relocation and rehabilitation of two existing City-designated Landmarks currently located at 1333 and 1337 Ocean Avenue as well as the development of a new building located behind (i.e., to the east of) these City-designated Landmarks.

The proposed Project would construct a total five new buildings onsite that would range in maximum height from 57 feet to 130 feet (excluding permitted rooftop projections) for a total Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 2.95 and a total above ground building floor area (calculated per the Santa Monica Municipal Code [SMMC]) of approximately 245,090 sf with an additional 4,940 sf of outdoor dining. The proposed Project would also include a three-level subterranean parking garage providing space for up to approximately 285 vehicles, long-term bicycle parking/storage, and subterranean uses associated with the hotel, restaurant, and Cultural Use Campus.



Draft Environmental Impact Report - Monday May 18, 2020

In recognition of COVID19, the Draft EIR comment period is 90 days exceeding the 45 days required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15105. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Monday Aug 17, 2020

Notice of Preparation (NOP) - Friday Dec 21, 2018

Wednesday Jan 30, 2019

Scoping Meetings

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Mon May 18, 2020


City Contact

Rachel Kwok, Environmental Planner

(310) 458-8341



101-129 Santa Monica Boulevard; 1327-1333-1337 Ocean Avenue

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Environmental Impact Report

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