Miramar Hotel Project EIR

The Project involves the redevelopment of two parcels in the Downtown district of the City: the Hotel Parcel and Second Street parcel. The Hotel Parcel is approximately 4.5 acres in size and is located at 1133 Ocean Avenue. The Hotel Parcel is currently improved with 301 hotel rooms and related hotel programming space located within a number of buildings. There are two city-designated landmarks located on the Hotel Parcel – the Moreton Bay Fig Tree and the six-story Palisades Building. The other parcel is located directly across the street to the east at 1127 2nd Street (Second Street parcel). The Second Street parcel is currently improved with a surface parking lot.

Project components on the Hotel Parcel consist of (i) the rehabilitation and ongoing hotel use of the historic Palisades Building (a City-designated landmark); (ii) the preservation and protection of the Moreton Bay Fig Tree (a City-designated landmark); (iii) the relocation of the main entry drive from Wilshire Boulevard to Second Street; (iv) the removal of the existing surface parking lots; (v) the demolition of all non-landmarked buildings; (vi) the construction of two new buildings (referred to herein as the Ocean Building and the California Building); (vii) the expansion of public and guest open space areas on the ground level and in building terraces and rooftops; and (viii) the construction of a subterranean parking garage beneath the newly constructed buildings and open space. Proposed uses on the Hotel Parcel would include 312 hotel guest rooms (including meeting/banquet space, spa/fitness, and food and beverage space), 60 residential condominiums, and ground floor pedestrian-oriented retail uses at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Second Street. Overall, the total above-grade floor area on the Hotel Parcel would be 500,552 square feet (sf). Of this square footage, approximately 62,000 sf of floor area would be in the existing rehabilitated landmark Palisades Building, approximately 368,552 sf of floor area in the new Ocean Building, and approximately 70,000 sf of floor area in the new California Building. The Project would also include 8,373 sf of outdoor dining (2,153 net new sf) on the Hotel Parcel that the City considers as Project floor area, although outdoor dining visible from the public right-of-way is deducted for the Project’s FAR calculation. Therefore, 502,157 sf (239,873 net new sf) is utilized for the FAR calculation on the Project. The building heights on the Hotel Parcel would vary and would range from the existing Palisades Building height of 78 feet to a maximum of 130 feet.

The Second Street Parcel development would include a 100% affordable housing building with a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 48 deed-restricted affordable apartments. In accordance with the Downtown Community Plan standards for 100% Affordable Housing Projects, the building would have a maximum FAR of 2.75 (41,250 sf of floor area) and a maximum height of six-stories and 60 feet.



Final Environmental Impact Report - Tuesday Aug 18, 2020

Draft Environmental Impact Report - Monday Feb 24, 2020

The Draft EIR comment period is 90 days exceeding the 45 days as required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15105. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Sunday May 24, 2020