6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element EIR

For the proposed 6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) has determined that the City’s draft Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) allocation is 8,874 units, more than 5 times than the last cycle. The significant increase in the City’s RHNA housing number is indicative of the severity of the current housing crisis. As part of the proposed 2021-2029 Housing Element, Santa Monica must demonstrate to the State that there is available capacity within its jurisdictional boundaries to meet its targeted RHNA number. Per State requirements, the City’s proposed Housing Element would include the following components:

• A detailed analysis of the City’s demographic, economic and housing characteristics.
• An analysis of the barriers to producing and preserving housing.
• A review of the City’s progress in implementing current housing policies and programs.
• An identification of goals, objectives, and policies, in addition to a full list of programs that will implement the vision of the plan.
• A list of sites (aka the Suitable Sites Inventory) that could accommodate new housing, demonstrating the City’s ability to meet the quantified housing number established in the RHNA.

The proposed 6th Cycle Housing Element must be certified by the State Department of Housing and Community Development no later than October 2021.


Final Environmental Impact Report - Tuesday Sep 14, 2021

Draft Environmental Impact Report - Thursday Jul 01, 2021

The Draft EIR comment period is 45 days as required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15105. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Monday Aug 16, 2021

Notice of Preparation (NOP) - Friday Oct 30, 2020

The NOP comment period is 60 days exceeding the minimum 30 days as required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15082. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Thursday Dec 31, 2020

Scoping Meetings

Thu Dec 10, 2020

Bluejeans (virtual) Event at 5:30 PM PST - https://primetime.bluejeans.com/a2m/live-event/bxxeeakf

Status Updates

Thu Oct 29, 2020


City Contact

Rachel Kwok, Environmental Planner

(310) 458-8341




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City Initiated


Environmental Impact Report

CEQA Status

In Progress

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