2002 21st Street Condominiums Project EIR

BACKGROUND: In November 2012, a Final EIR was published for the project (which consisted of 21 units at that time). The Final EIR, which is incorporated by reference, analyzed the potential environmental impacts of the project and included comments received on the Draft EIR, a list of commenters, and responses to comments. The Initial Study included in the Final EIR, had determined that impacts on historical resources would be less than significant and thus, the issue was not analyzed in detail. In May 2014, the Planning Commission held a hearing to consider certification of the Final EIR. After discussions, the Planning Commission continued the project in order to address design and review the potential historic significance of the property. On August 27, 2014, the property owner filed applications to demolish all of the buildings on the subject site. Subsequently, in October 2014, the City commissioned the preparation of assessment reports to determine the historic significance of the property. On December 8, 2014, the City’s Landmarks Commission reviewed assessment reports prepared for 2002-2008 21st Street and 2014-2018 21st Street which addressed the project site’s eligibility for Landmark and Structure of Merit status. After review and discussion, the Landmarks Commission designated the two one-story Mid-Century Modern courtyard apartment buildings at 2002-2008 21st Street as Structures of Merit.

Pursuant to CEQA Guidelines § 15088.5(a), a Recirculated EIR is required when significant new information and analyses have been added or changed in portions of the EIR after it has circulated. In accordance with CEQA, a Recirculated Draft EIR for the project has been prepared to address the issue of historic resources and minor design changes to the project in response to Planning Commission comments.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION : The project would involve demolition of all existing on-site improvements, including the Structures of Merit, and development of a two-story 19-unit condominium complex with two buildings and a central courtyard on the 0.66 acre project site. Two of the units would be reserved as affordable (very low income) units. Each of the 19 units would be two-bedroom, two and a half bath townhouse style condominiums with two stories above a basement level garage. A total of 42 parking spaces would be provided. Access to the parking would be from a single driveway from 20th Court Alley at the southwest corner of the site.


Final Environmental Impact Report - Sunday Nov 25, 2018

Draft Environmental Impact Report - Tuesday Mar 13, 2018

The Recirculated Draft EIR comment period is 45 days as required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15105. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Friday Apr 27, 2018

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(310) 458-8341, rathar.duong@smgov.net


2002-2018 21st Street

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