1828 Ocean Avenue/1921 Ocean Front Walk EIR

The 1828 Ocean Ave project would remove an existing 127-space paved surface parking lot utilized by Hotel Casa del Mar and construct a 47-foot-tall mixed-use residential building with 83 residential units and 2,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial tenant space (including approximately 1,000 square feet of outdoor dining). This project would also provide approximately 277 vehicular parking spaces within a semi-subterranean/subterranean garage, including 127 spaces to replace the existing on-site parking spaces currently utilized by Hotel Casa Del Mar. The total floor area of the development (excluding subterranean/semi-subterranean, and outdoor dining square footage), would be approximately 89,985 square feet, resulting in a floor area ratio (FAR) of 2.0.

The 1921 Ocean Front Walk project would construct a 47-foot-tall mixed-use building with 22 residential units and 4,000 square-feet of ground-floor commercial tenant space (including approximately 2,000 square feet of outdoor dining) on a vacant 23,180 square-foot lot. The project would also provide approximately 62 vehicular parking spaces in a semi-subterranean/subterranean garage. The total floor area of the 1921 Ocean Front Walk Project (excluding subterranean/semi-subterranean and outdoor dining square footage) would be approximately 45,489 square feet, resulting in an FAR of 2.0

The projects include 16 deed-restricted affordable housing units (12 units for 1828 Ocean Avenue and 4 for 1921 Ocean Front Walk), with the affordable housing for 1921 Ocean Front Walk being provided either off-site at 1828 Ocean Avenue (Scenario “A”) or on-site (Scenario “B”).



Final Environmental Impact Report - Wednesday Aug 29, 2018

Draft Environmental Impact Report - Tuesday Apr 10, 2018

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