1242 20th Street Wellness Center Project

The proposed Wellness Center Project (“project”) would involve the adaptive reuse of approximately 7,965 sf of the existing funeral home and chapel building along with the construction of a new addition building for use as a Wellness Center. As part of the project, approximately 1,313 sf of the ancillary portion of the existing funeral home/chapel building, composing mainly of the rear alley facing garage section of the building, and both of the vacant residential structures would be demolished. The project would include the construction of a new 3-story, 45 foot tall addition building on-site, comprising approximately 59,548 sf. With the adaptive reuse of existing floor area and new construction, the project would be approximately 67,513 sff comprising of 53,091 sf of research & development uses, 17,702 sf of clinic/office uses, and 8,239 sf of ancillary meeting/conference room space.

The Wellness Center is envisioned to accommodate a range of traditional to cutting edge medical research activities, providing spaces for laboratory modules, specialized equipment, medical archives, and both private and collaborative office spaces for staff. Medical clinic and office functions such as outpatient care are also anticipated, and would require flexible spaces for patient treatment and administration. To accommodate on-site hosting of educational programming on topics of healthcare and wellness, there will be flexible meeting and conference space.


Notice of Preparation (NOP) - Wednesday Jan 03, 2018

The NOP comment period is 30 days as required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15082. Comments may be submitted, in writing, by 5:30 PM on Friday Feb 09, 2018

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Tue Jan 02, 2018


City Contact

Russell Bunim, Associate Planner

(310) 458-8341



1242 20th Street

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