Timeline & Status

Plan Review Processing Timelines

Most applicants make two and sometimes three submittals before construction drawings receive approvals from all related City divisions. This process normally takes four to six months. Actual time depends primarily on completeness of the original plans submitted to the City and how soon corrected plans are resubmitted. City staff is committed to providing review service in a timely and assistive manner. See our plan review turnaround goals and customer service standards for plan review below.

Single Family Residential, New

  • 1st Submittal, 4 weeks
  • Resubmittals, 2 weeks

Medium Sized Projects

  • 1st Submittal, 3 weeks
  • Resubmittals, 2 weeks

Major Projects

  • 1st Submittal, 5 weeks
  • Resubmittals, 3 weeks
  • Minor Construction Changes, 1 week

If you are unable to access the online tools, you may also obtain information about the status of a plan review at the public counter.