Code Enforcement

To ensure citywide code compliance, the Code Enforcement Division works with residents, neighborhood associations, the Building & Safety Division, and other City of Santa Monica departments, including the Police Department, Fire Department, Business License and the City Attorney’s Office, in order to ensure the quality of our community.

Common Municipal Code Violations

Each year, the Code Enforcement Division responds to over 2,000 inquiries pertaining to potential violations. In most cases, investigation of code violations happens when a citizen reports a potential violation.
Examples of violations include construction/demolition, landscaping maintenance, building misuse and inappropriate parking. The types of violations that are typically reported include:

  • Addition of Dwelling Unit(s) without Approval
  • Alteration of Historical Building or Structure without Planning Dept. Approval
  • Demolition without Planning Dept. Approval
  • Exceeding Permitted Hours of Operation
  • Expansion of Non-Conforming Use
  • Formula Retail Use (Franchise/chain store) without Planning Dept. Approval
  • Illegal Signs
  • Illegal Residential, Commercial, Industrial Uses
  • Illegal Short-Term Vacation Rental Use
  • Non-compliance with Conditions of Approval
  • Obstruction in Front or Rear Setback
  • Operation of Home Business beyond Limitations
  • Removal of Dwelling Unit(s) without Planning Dept. Approval
  • Removal of Required Landscaping
  • Removal of Required Parking without Planning Dept. Approval