Building & Fire-Life Safety Commission

The Building and Fire-Life Safety Commission was established on November 22, 2011 as a consolidation of the former Building and Safety Commission and the Accessibility Appeals Board. This new Commission will also hear appeals and matters of fire safety as a Fire Appeals Board. The Commission hears appeals to decisions of the Building Official and the Fire Marshall. The Commission also makes recommendations to the City Council on adoption of the State Building and Fire Codes and locally adopted municipal amendments. [SMMC 8.08.040]

Current members, applicants, vacancies, and appointment application



  • Conduct hearings on policy and technical issues involving specific provisions
  • Hearing appeals of determinations, decisions and orders, including stop work, suspension or revocation orders
  • Resolve all appeals of determinations, decisions and orders of staff
  • Provide for reasonable interpretations of the provisions of the building and fire codes and ordinances in Article VIII of SMMC, and to determine the suitability of alternates
  • Review the updated editions of these Codes; and recommend any revisions as appropriate

Meetings & Minutes

The Building & Fire-Life Safety Commission meets at the request of two members, on the call of the Chair, or when an appeal is filed by an applicant.

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