Strategic and Transportation Planning

The Mobility Division synthesizes strategic, long-range land use planning with transportation planning to achieve the community’s vision for a sustainable and livable Santa Monica through implementation of policies set forth in the 2010 Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE). The community-driven LUCE links transportation and land use planning through a series of goals, projects and programs intended to improve access to housing, daily goods and services, employment, social and cultural life while also managing circulation congestion throughout the city in multiple ways. The Mobility Division:

  • Engages with the community – including residents, the business sector and non-profit organizations, to foster participation in planning for Santa Monica’s future
  • Identifies and addresses community priorities – taking initiative on plans, grant opportunities and programs related to transportation, housing, economic development, environment, and public health
  • Works with all PCD Divisions and other City Departments – so that proposed public and private projects integrate land uses with multi-modal transportation objectives to achieve the LUCE vision for no net new vehicle trips in the evening peak hour, and increased use of transit, bicycles and walking
  • Coordinates environmental review – for both STP and City Planning projects, as well as advisory environmental services for other departments
  • Brings strategic plans – such as station area plans, specific plans, the Bicycle Action Plan and the Pedestrian Action Plan forward to City officials - the Planning Commission, City Council and other City commissions for review and approval

The Mobility Division is made up of professionally-trained planners including urban planners, transportation planners, an environmental planner, architect and support staff. Staff works closely together to accomplish:

  • Transportation Planning – plan and implement Circulation Element components (such as for bicycle and pedestrian circulation); provide customer service for public right-of-way permits and preferential parking, evaluate requested transportation adjustments and improvements, undertake capital and programmatic projects to improve the safety and efficiency of the City’s transportation system; interface with the community to promote safe walking and biking, and review all planning applications for compliance with City criteria.

The Mobility Division is also responsible for implementing the City's Transportation Management Plan Ordinance (TMP 1604).  The City's Transportation Management Plan Ordinance applies to employers and developers over certain thresholds and establishes mechanisms to reduce single occupant vehicle (SOV) trips and improve air quality.

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