Code Enforcement

Emerging as the newest Division within the Planning and Community Development Department, the Code Enforcement team helps maintain and improve the quality of Santa Monica’s neighborhoods by operating programs that ensure public compliance with the City's Municipal Code. Additionally, we respond to customer complaints of potential Municipal, Building, Zoning and Health and Safety Code violations and initiate fair and unbiased enforcement action to correct those violations and educate property owners to maintain code compliance.

Santa Monica Municipal Code

The Code Enforcement Division investigates complaints of violations of the Building, Plumbing and Electrical Codes and employs abatement procedures to correct code deficiencies. This section also initiates follow-up enforcement when cases have been referred by other divisions within City by holding Director’s Hearings and referring cases to the City Attorney for litigation. Assessment fees are collected from building owners that have code violations in order to recover costs incurred by investigations. The section also assists in the preparation and issuance of Emergency Orders for imminent hazards arising from natural disasters and emergencies.

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Code Enforcement

1685 Main Street, Room 111
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 458-4984

To reach the Code Enforcement Officers by phone, please dial (310) 458-2201, plus their extension.

Code Enforcement Officers

Name Extension
Jorge Arellano 6872
Sydney Blanco 5601
Frank Cordova 2164
Ryan Ellis      5997
Efren Galindo 5793
Ellisa Hall 5587
Matthew Lauwers 2340
Franklin Montenegro 2339
Roberto Alvarez      2321
Luis Tejeda 2681
Keith Warren 6889