David Martin
David Martin, Director
Planning & Community Development


Welcome to the Planning & Community Development Department. Our mission is to create a better community for Santa Monica’s residents, workforce and visitors. With the help of the citizenry, we strive to enhance the character of Santa Monica, conserve neighborhoods, expand mobility options and ensure the safety of the built environment.


  • Implementing the Land Use & Circulation Element, which reflects the community’s vision for the city;
  • Providing excellent customer service for development review, building plan check and inspections;
  • Including sustainability as an overarching principle in our planning practices.

Quick Overview

  • Seven Divisions: Administration, Building & Safety, City Planning, Code Enforcement, Mobility, and Parking Operations.
  • 104 permanent, full-time employees
  • $16.5 million annual operating budget

Contact Us

Planning & Community Development
1685 Main Street, Room 212
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Hours of Operation

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