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Office of Sustainability and the Environment
Solid Waste
Solid waste and recycling services are handled by the City's Resource Recovery & Recycling Division, but you were right in thinking that we would handle this information as well.  Ultimately, recycling is one of the most important actions individuals, businesses and institutions can do to protect the environment and public health.  We are fortunate in that Santa Monica offers some of the most comprehensive programming available anywhere.

Recycling Organic Material

A Citywide Service - Just Use the Green Bin!

Spotlight on : Grease and Oil Recycling

Partnering with GeoGreen Biofuels ( the City of Santa Monica has started a program that offers free grease and oil recycling to local restaurants. Waste cooking oil and grease collected in containers located in parking structures downtown will be regularly picked up by the partner company, which then turns them into usable biofuel. An example of the kind of win-win synergy that moves sustainability forward for everyone.  More info...

Home Composting Made Easy

The news is out: worms are not icky. In fact, they are best friends to your soil, yard and garden. The Resource Recovery and Recycling team provides discounted worm bins and home composting bins to make it easy for you to do the right thing for the environment right outside your door. Home Composting also cuts down on waste transportation costs and cuts the load on landfills. Doesn't this have a familiar ring to it? Synergy? Win-win?  More info...

Zero Out Waste at Your Next Event


Events typically generate huge amounts of trash – envision the trashcans spilling over with paper, disposable cups, cans, and bottles.

A zero waste event protects our environment by significantly reducing the amount of “waste” or valuable resources that are sent to landfills.  Instead of burying these materials, zero waste events collect them and divert them for reuse, recycling and composting. Create leadership – not more trash.
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