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Solar Santa Monica
Solar Santa Monica is a free service for residents and businesses looking to go solar. Solar experts are available to provide you unbiased technical advice to help you navigate the changing rules, incentives and financing options.

Services include:
  • Energy efficiency recommendations
  • Solar potential analysis
  • Bid comparison
  • Financial analysis
Solar Santa Monica is a free service for property owners.

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See the Power!

Want to find out how much electricity solar installations produce? Many systems now have online-monitoring, a great way to make tangible something that we often take for granted. Santa Monica's Pico Branch Library is a prime example.


Solar Panel Recycling

The City of Santa Monica, in partnership with the California Product Stewardship Council will be piloting a first-in-the-state solar panel recycling project, funded by CalRecycle. 

In Summer 2021, the City will host a solar panel collection event, FREE for residents. Commercial installers may only bring solar panels with a signed affidavit from the homeowner, which will be verified before waiving recycling fees. Commercial solar panel recycling will be available for a nominal fee. For more information on the event or if you or someone you know has old, damaged, or decommissioned solar PV panels, please call (310) 458-8391.

Switch is On: Make the Switch to an All-Electric Home

Ready to live in a home that's more comfortable and healthier for your family and the planet?  An all-electric home may be right for you.  Visit to learn all about efficient electric appliances for your home. 

Ready to Go Solar?


Investigate how your home or business can be more energy efficient with the Home Energy Saver Guide

Sunny roofspace is required.  See capacity of your site here: 
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Solar Contractor 


Have us help you compare bids by calling 310-458-2238 or email us



Multifamily Solar Study Cover
Fostering a Future Multifamily Solar Study pdf
Profile highlighting Santa Monica's efforts to promote solar on multifamily properties.  



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