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Ramesh Ramalingam and Blanca Andres had two goals when they decided to renovate the front yard of their Ocean Park home last winter. First, they wanted their yard to reflect their environmental consciousness with drought-tolerant landscaping. And second, they wanted to make it a happy, useful space for their family.

With the help of a landscape architect selected from the City of Santa Monica’s “Buy Local” list, the couple scored big on both goals. They redesigned the yard so they and their two children could make better use of the space, added a new fence for the dog, and replaced their lawn with sustainable, native landscaping. While it was an expensive project— with a $3,000 rebate from the city helping to trim the cost—the payback has been quite substantial: The family has saved 643 gallons of water a day—more than 120,000 gallons—in the 16 months since the project was finished, and significant value was added to their home.

Cash for Grass Rebate is back and better than ever!

Can we talk about the elephant in your yard? The one that keeps your water bill high and that you spend all that time mowing, feeding, and watering every week. The City’s new Cash for Grass Rebate program is designed to help you get rid of that water hogging lawn and replace it with a beautiful new California inspired garden. It is the Santa Monica way!

Complete the appropriate application below for your property to be on your way to savings water, money and our environment. 


Cash for Grass Rebate Attachments and Guides:

Cash for Grass Rebate Attachments and Guides:







Rain Harvest Rebate



Converting to Drip Irrigation - The Definitive Guide


All About Plants

Take a gander at some gorgeous gardens, point and click on the plants you like and automatically compile a printable list of plants type with all the details required to get you started. 

Find a Pro


Looking for help from a professional?  Try the WaterSense Directory of Certified Professionals.



Stop invasive plants from endangering California's wildlands.  Discover beautiful, non-invasive plants for you at PlantRight.   

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