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Civic Center Parking Structure

parking structure

333 Civic Center Drive

Project Overview

The Civic Center Parking Structure is located at 333 Civic Center Dr. (corner of Olympic Drive and 4th Street) providing close access to the Civic Auditorium, City Hall, the Public Safety Building, and the County Courthouse. It is also a short walk from the 3rd Street Promenade, newly re-opened Santa Monica Place, and the rest of Santa Monica's central business district.

This construction  embodies the City's commitment to sustainability, and establishes a new aesthetic monument in Santa Monica. The parking structure is the first building of its type in the country to receive a LEED-Certified rating through the U.S. Green Building Council. The building features design strategies, materials, products, and construction practices that preserve natural resources, conserve water and energy, and reduce waste.
parking view

LEED Element: Energy

parking solar
213 kW DC photovoltaic panels installed on the roof to
provide electricity for the facility

parking lighting The building uses natural light and efficient fluorescent lighting that reflects off white ceilings to enable lower total lamp wattage for effective lighting and to minimize light spill to unwanted places.

parking inverter
The Solar power inverter converts direct current generated from the
photovoltaic panels into alternating current for use in the facility.
parking roof
Rooftop photovoltaic panels generate electricity that
the facility uses. The panels also provide some 
shade for cars parked on the top level.

LEED Element: Water Use Reduction

parking pipes
Reclaimed water lines for landscaping and
tenant space toilets reduce the demand for
potable water.

parking water Storm water Management Runoff water is treated using an on-site filtration device to reduce total suspended solids and phosphorus before it enters municipal waste water collection system.

LEED Element: Recycled Content

  • Concrete contains locally mined aggregate, and recycled flyash.
  • Structural steel contains up to 68% post-industrial recycled content.
  • Recycled glass material.

LEED Element: Alternative Transportation

parking bikes
Bicycle storage lockers area are provided for free to the
public to encourage alternate transportation modes.
parking ev
Electrical outlets are provided for 14 public electric
vehicle parking spaces.

LEED Education

parking education
Educational signage is provided to increase
awareness about the green building elements
of the facility.

Last updated: Tuesday, 12/30/2014

New Construction Guide (Updated 2020)

Download (pdf)

Energy Reach Code Cost Effectiveness Studies

 ZNE Cost Effectiveness Study
Download (pdf)

Green Leasing Guide

 Green Leasing Guide Cover Photo
This guide provides commercial tenants and property managers with an intro to green leasing, the value of green leasing, and the factors that go into deciding whether a green lease is the right fit.

Matrix 2.0 Alternative Water Guidelines 

 Matrix Document Banner
download (pdf)
New roadmap for decentralized, alternate water supplies - indoor and outdoor non-potable water regulations streamlined for rainwater, graywater, stormwater, blackwater use.

Solution Finding for Net Zero Water 

Sustainability experts from across the nation convened to explore statutory, technological, and engineering barriers to the widespread implementation of water recycling and reuse systems in commercial and residential buildings.
Net Zero Water Booklet
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