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Purchasing Decisions Made Easy - The Easy Guide website gets you the information to make sound procurement decisions, with product use protocols and more - all offered in easy to use, printable, format for staff across the entire organization.  

Healthy Nail Salon Program receives Roy Award

The City of Santa Monica was named the winner of the prestigious Roy Award for Environmental Partnership by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Full Story

City Recognizes Healthy Nail Salons in Santa Monica

City Officials and the California Healthy Nail Salon
Collaborative commend four Santa Monica salons.

That's a lot of transportation and environmental costs to pay for something that we already have coming out of the tap. Ten Reasons to Drink Tap Water pdf


Greenpeace publishes a Guide to Greener Electronics ranking leading mobile phone, TV and PC manufacturers on policies and practices to: reduce their impact on the climate; produce greener products; and make their operations more sustainable.  Greenpeace. 


What's in your paper?

Paper is a highly consumable product, which has many significant impacts on the environment and human health that are mostly hidden from the consumer.  Is your paper endangering forests?  Does it utilize recoverable or recyclable materials?  Does its production release harmful chemicals into the environment?
Visit to learn more.

Ecopaper Database

For a list of the leading Ecopapers in North America, consult the Ecopaper Database, from the Canopy organization.



How Safe are your Cosmetics?

There is mounting concern about toxic chemicals in our everyday environment, and the health-risks they may pose--especially to children. To learn about steps being taken to address this issue, visit the Healthy Child Healthy World website.

A good place to start learning is with
 The Story of Cosmetics video, which gives perspective on practices in the cosmetics industry and the challenges facing regulators.

 StoryOfCosmetics Watch the video.

Green Purchasing in the News

A recent blog in the New York Times focused on the importance of identifying genuine Green Vendors--ones that don't just claim to be environmentally responsible, but really are.
 Read the article
The report highlights San Francisco's SF Approved List, a database of vendors who fulfill established criteria that is available for public use. City of Santa Monica Environmental Analyst Karl Bruskotter is quoted.

If you buy things, you have power – the power to improve regional and indoor air quality, the power to lessen the toxic chemical burden afflicting babies and young children, the power to change the fate of a magnificent animal living on the other side of the planet, the power to make your city, your state, your earth a healthier, more sustainable place to live. Use your power wisely – buy green.

This site will assist individuals, institutions, businesses, government, and other organizations interested in wielding their purchasing power to buy more environmentally responsible products and services.
The  Green Office Buying Guide  shows a cut-away of a building with six rooms – a Break Room, Restroom, Conference Room, Vehicle Maintenance, Building Maintenance, and Office and an Exterior that you can explore. Peek in each room to see the exciting buying opportunities for green products and services that are available. Whether you click on copy paper or computers or cleaning products, you’ll be given an overview of the rational for greening this product or service and user-friendly information on vendors, cost, specifications, and more.

 Procurement Policies  outlines the various ordinances, policies and programs related to sustainable procurement that the City of Santa Monica has introduced over the past 20 years. Note that the city does not have a formal sustainable procurement policy although one is in development. For a list of formal policies, check out the Responsible Purchasing Network website.


Buying Recycled - check out the great site that the State of California set up. RecycleStore showcases innovative recycled-content products and puts you in touch directly with their manufacturers.


Responsible Purchasing Network

Join the experts in buying green - an international network of buyers dedicated to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable purchasing.  The network provides small and institutional purchasers alike with cutting-edge procurement tools and resources designed to save money, conserve resources, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.  RPN routinely hosts responsible purchasing webinars and has developed Purchasing Guides for a variety of products and services..  
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