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Code Update Effective MAY 1, 2017: 
Energy Reach Code & ZNE for Single-Family


Santa Monica is committed to protecting the environment, improving quality of life, and promoting sustainability through our built environment. In order to fulfill this commitment, the City has promoted, studied and constructed high-performance buildings and will continue a commitment to excellence with the planning underway to build a city services building that meets the criteria of the Living Building Challenge. Stay tuned. 

Santa Monica also looks to integrate the latest renewable energy technologies into our building stock as soon as possible.  See details of the energy code requirements for new construction here.

ZNE Timeline 

ZNE Guide for New Construction-Residential

ZNE Guide for New Construction - Single Family
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Major Water Savings Are Within Reach

Pico Branch Library in Virginia Avenue Park - Santa Monica's GREENEST Building!

Digging deeper into the many Green Building solutions implemented in the planning and construction of the Pico Branch Library in Virginia Avenue Park.


ZNE Guidelines for New Construction

 ZNE Guide Cover
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ZNE Cost Effectiveness Study 

 ZNE Cost Effectiveness Study
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Matrix 2.0 Alternative Water Guidelines 

 Matrix Document Banner
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New roadmap for decentralized, alternate water supplies - indoor and outdoor non-potable water regulations streamlined for rainwater, graywater, stormwater, blackwater use.

Solution Finding for Net Zero Water 

Sustainability experts from across the nation convened to explore statutory, technological, and engineering barriers to the widespread implementation of water recycling and reuse systems in commercial and residential buildings.
Net Zero Water Booklet
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High Performance Buildings Study

Designing high performance green buildings literally build our sustainable city commitments into the fabric of the community.  
Check out this study analyzing the costs of a prototypical mixed-use project.

High Performance Building Study Cover
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