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Office of Sustainability and the Environment

Environmental education is the simple process of bringing information about our environment into our everyday decision-making process, into our homes, and into our classrooms. Santa Monica is committed to offering teachers and parents the tools they need to offer exciting educational experiences for all ages. Explore the dozens of opportunities available to the Santa Monica community.


Sustainable Technologies at Santa Monica College

The Center for Environmental and Urban Studies at Santa Monica College offers programs of study in Solar Panel Installation, Recycling and Resource Management, and Energy Efficiency that prepare students for jobs in the green economy. Fall semester starts soon!

Sustainable Technologies Program  


Sustainable Systems and Technology - FREE non-credit classes and certificates

Key to the Sea

Attention K-5 Teachers!  Take your students to the beach, and so much more, with the Key to the Sea Program.  Key to the Sea includes professional development opportunities for teachers, interdisciplinary standards-aligned classroom curricula and supplies, and a hands-on field trip to the beach for you and your students. The program focuses upon watershed stewardship, pollution prevention, and the sandy beach habitat. 

Key to the Sea

Get involved today – go online or call 310.393.6149 x108.  Partnering field trip sites are Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, Roundhouse Aquarium in Manhattan Beach, SEA Lab in Redondo Beach, and Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro.  Bus transportation funding is available for Title I schools on first-come first-serve basis; please contact us for details.


Full STEAM Ahead!

S-Science, T-Technology, E-Engineering, A-Arts, M-Mathematics: vital disciplines that are all part of the education curriculum available at the Santa Monica Pier.


Scavenger Hunt at the Santa Monica Pier

This resource helps kids get into the investigative spirit, in a quest for some of the popular, as well as lesser-known treasures that make the Santa Monica Pier such a special place.

Read All About It!

Mommy Poppins goes on the scavenger hunt: Santa Monica Pier Kids' Scavenger Hunt: a New Way to Experience the Old Pier.

Putting Sustainability in Education in Motion

In the words of organizer Rachel Horn, "Wecycle Recycle is a field trip, where we ride our bikes to get a tour of the recycling facility..." Link to WEcycle REcycle! on Vimeo.


The Library Goes Sustainable All Over!

Whether you are a professional or student researcher, or just a parent trying to get through another science project for your child, the Library's collection has hundreds of sustainable selections. The Library itself is a phenomenal green story. 


Guided Learning Opportunities at the Santa Monica Pier

Parents and teachers - take advantage of a wide range of award-winning lesson plans built around the dynamic activities available at the Santa Monica Pier. These curricula for students from K thru 12 cover everything from history to science to health to career-building and more. Check it out!
Santa Monica Pier Curriculum
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