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Office of Sustainability and the Environment
Task Force on the Environment

Mission Statement

Motion by the Task Force on the Environment

Adopted October 6, 1997

Henceforth, the role of the Task Force on the Environment
shall be defined by the following Mission Statement:

“To advise City staff and leadership (decision makers) on determining and setting environmental policy and decisions, in accordance with the guiding principles, goals and objectives of the Sustainable City Program.  To be a limited advocate, in a manner consistent with City policy, for Task Force recommendations to the community.  The Task Force role is both pro-active and reactive."

Specifically, the Task Force will:

  • Identify areas of City operations or policy that could/need to be adjusted to move the city toward becoming a Sustainable Community.
  • Review programs and policies related to environmental issues as they are brought to the Task Force by staff, elected City officials, or concerned members of the public.
  • Make recommendations in the form of formal motions directed to the City Manager and/or City Council or Planning Commission members and provide quarterly reports to City Council.
  • Pursue a limited advocacy role through resolutions, formal statements, and presentations at City Council and other public meetings.  Task Force advocacy will not extend into lobbying, writing editorial articles, or similar activities.
  • Address only those development projects in Santa Monica that have a significant potential to impact the Sustainable City Program goals.

All members of the Task Force on the Environment are required to:

  • Attend at least 9 Task Force meetings per year.  Except for special circumstances (e.g. extended illness, maternity) failure to attend the requisite number of meetings will result in forfeiture of Task Force membership.
  • Work on at least one project of relevance to the Task Force mission per year.
  • Attend and/or make a statement or presentation at one City Council or Planning Commission meeting per year.
  • Attend and/or make a presentation at one community group or Chamber of Commerce meeting per year.

Task Force members must have expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Energy: Efficiency, Conservation, Alternatives
  • Water: Efficiency, Conservation, Quality
  • Transportation, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Stormwater, Wastewater and Coastal Issues
  • Waste Reduction and Public Health: Solid Waste, Recycling, Hazardous Materials, Procurement Issues
  • Land Use and Sustainable Development
  • Public Education and Community Outreach

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