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The Electric Vehicle Action Plan (EVAP) was adopted by Council in November 2017 and included a recommendation to facilitate community input on its implementation through an established group. Santa Monica is filled with passionate, sustainability-minded residents who are already driving EVs and want to support others in the transition to cleaner transportation. This committee offers a platform for current and prospective EV drivers to share their insights, experience, and expertise to make Santa Monica a more EV-friendly City for all.

The EV Subcommittee was established in April 2018 and reports to the Task Force on the Environment. Their roles and responsibilities are to provide general oversight of the Electric Vehicle Action Plan implementation, including but not limited to:

  • Guidance and feedback on project locations, user fees and outreach strategies
  • Support for EV drivers in Santa Monica
  • Assistance with outreach to future and existing EV owners
  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • All committee members live in Santa Monica and drive battery-electric vehicles. A majority of committee members live in multi-unit dwellings

EV Subcommittee Members

Members were selected by the City Manager and the Task Force on the Environment Chair:

Erik Neandross is the CEO of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), North America’s leading consulting firm specializing in the market development of advanced transportation technologies and alternative fuels for the on and off road sectors. Erik has been an EV driver for the last six years and a member of the Task Force on the Environment since 2003.

Paul Scott is a Cofounder of Plug-In America, a member of Drive Clean Santa Monica, and a lifelong environmental and EV advocate. He intends to use his 15 years of experience with EVs and renewable energy to expand Santa Monica’s EV infrastructure and enable residents to switch to clean transportation.

Judy Abdo is a former Santa Monica Mayor and Councilmember, serves on the Climate Action Santa Monica Steering Committee and Ocean Park Association Board, and represents Santa Monica on the Metropolitan Water District Board.

Niten Kapadia has 15 years of experience helping innovative companies such as Tesla and Apple grow their sales revenue and market penetration. He provided support for EV charging in multi-family buildings while at Tesla and participated in the Stanford Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies program to deepen his understanding of creating a decarbonized future.  

Kielo Stevenson has over 10 years of finance experience and 5 years of real estate development experience.  She is a board member of her homeowner’s association and aims to add EV charging stations in her building. She also participated in a Santa Monica solar initiative for multi-family buildings.


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