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Rain Harvest Rebate

Harvest rain and get paid to do it.  Whether you install a rain garden or a rain barrel, the Rain Harvest Rebate offers the generous rebates and flexibility:

Rain Barrels and Cistern Rebate  
  • $200 for a up to 199 gallon rain barrel
  • $500 for a 200-499 gallon small cistern
  • $2,000 for a 500+ gallon cistern 
Rain, Rock and Dry Riverbed Garden Rebate 
  •  Up to $1,000 
Permeable Driveway Rebate 
  • Up to $2,000 for an impermeable driveway upgraded to a permeable driveway 
Downspout Redirect Device Rebate 
  • $40 for a downspout redirect 

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Rain Harvest Rebate Checklist pdf bug 2 

Permeable Drive
 RainBarrel130Rain Harvest Rebate

Rebate Basics:
For property owners or renters interested in retrofitting one’s building to collect rainwater for onsite uses; e.g., irrigation, flushing, landscape infiltration (rebate not applicable in association with a permitted construction project).
A variety of systems are available: rain barrels; large storage tanks; downspout redirects (to landscape instead of to drainage pipe to alley or street); rain/rock gardens; permeable driveways (conversion from impermeable surface). 

Process: Applicant submits online application; city staff contacts applicant on application status; applicant fiscally responsible for all installation work; city post-installation inspection required (pre-installation consult option available); copies of all work-related, paid invoices/receipts required; applicant receives reimbursement check.

NOTE: Rebate may be applicable to a property with a past construction project that included an onsite rainwater system; check with city OSE staff; rebates available year-round

Rain gardens revolutionize landscapes by harvesting the water naturally occurring in your yard - rainwater hitting your roof is captured and allowed to slowly seep into the soil rather.  This saves irrigation water, and by limiting the amount of storm water hitting our streets during rain events, rain gardens go a long way in protecting the Santa Monica Bay. They add beauty, dimension and functionality to flat yards, they add interesting and colorful plant palettes and create habitat for local fauna. All of this together transforms your landscape into a showpiece of sustainability.

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