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Shopping on a Budget

Local, sustainable and organic foods can cost more, but there are many ways to keep food costs down.

  • Select organic and local foods when they are in season and plentiful – they taste amazing and are priced to move. This means you’ll eat fewer tomatoes in January, but can you really call that slightly pink spongy thing a tomato anyway?
  • Put your precious food dollars toward those organic, local and sustainability produced foods where you can make the most impact, and avoid the “dirty dozen” foods that are grown using the most chemicals and retain the most pesticide residue (see Resources and Websites below).
  • Buy in bulk and “put up” extra for later. Canning, freezing, and drying allow you to store up food when they’re at the peak of freshness and flavor.
  • Changing your food choices can be good for your bottom line, as well as your waistline.
  • Buy vegetarian options that often cost less.

Farmers Market Programs

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