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Cool Foods Campaign
CoolFoodsCampaign   "Help take a bite out of global warming by changing the way you eat."

The Cool Foods Campaign ( “educates the public about how food choices can affect global warming and empowers them with the resources to reduce this impact.”

In September 2008 Santa Monica was the first city in the country to sign on to the Cool Food Pledge, and has since elevated food sustainability to a priority focus as part of the city’s Sustainable City Plan, and included food purchasing in the City’s sustainable procurement efforts. We are working to increase the purchase of local, organic, and sustainable food across all City departments and programs. As part of this effort we are also working to make it easier for Santa Monica residents to “take a bite out of climate change by changing the way they eat”. Join the Cool Foods Campaign.

The Cool Food Pledge

We pledge to promote awareness about the effects food choices have on global warming and whenever possible:
  • Eat organic
  • Reduce conventional meat and dairy consumption
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Eat locally grown
  • Reduce packaging and food waste
Take the Cool Foods Pledge

True Food Now

The Center for Food Safety's True Food Network works to curb the proliferation of harmful food production technologies and promotes organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture.


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