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Office of Sustainability and the Environment
Climate Action Adaptation Plan

Santa Monica Addresses Climate Crisis

Building on early successes, the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan sets a goal to achieve an 80% reduction (below 1990 levels) in community carbon emissions by 2030.

Climate Action Plan (11MB) pdf
GHG Emissions Inventory 2018(1MB) pdf

The Climate Action section focuses on eight objectives in three sectors:
  • Zero Net Carbon Buildings
  • Zero Waste
  • Sustainable Mobility
The Climate Adaptation section focuses on community resilience to climate change through four sectors:
  • Climate Ready Community
  • Water Self-Sufficiency
  • Coastal Flooding Preparedness
  • Low Carbon Food & Ecosystems
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Dune Project

Santa Monica is piloting a restoration project with the Bay Foundation - a project that promises to enhance our coastline and visitor experience, while replacing vital habitat for threatened shorebirds and creating a buffer against the effects of sea level rise.  Learn more about the Santa Monica Beach Restoration Pilot Project.

Click the link above to view Santa Monica's Sea Level Rise Assessment.

A Virtual Reality Tool to Educate and Engage the
Community on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

The Owl User Survey Final Report

Web Version 



Climate Final Report   The 15x15 Climate Action Plan, published in February 2013, was developed to meet the City’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 15% below 1990 levels by the end of 2015.

It is a short-term, action-oriented plan identifying fifteen measures that, when completed, will achieve our community greenhouse gas emission reduction goal.

15x15 Climate Action Plan (6MB) pdf
View Final Report 


Climate Infographics

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Global Warming Has Local Impacts

C-CHANGE.LA provides information on climate change in the Los Angeles region.

C-CHANGE.LA is hosted by the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability, composed of leading municipal governments, agencies, universities and organizations.

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