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Good Housekeeping Ordinance
The following good housekeeping requirements shall be adhered to by all persons within the City.  Section 7.10.040 Good housekeeping requirements for reduction of urban runoff applicable to all properties.

A  Collection, Storage and Minimization of Runoff

  1. Water used for irrigation purposes shall not be allowed to run off of a site.
  2. Washing down paved areas shall be prohibited unless necessary for health or safety purposes and not in violation of any other provision of this Code. If washing down paved areas is authorized pursuant to this subdivision (2), BMP measures shall be implemented to remove solids, such as litter and debris, sediments and hydrocarbons and other organic chemicals.
  3. The uncovered outdoor storage of unsealed containers of building materials and lawn and automotive care products containing substances that may contribute pollutants to the storm water conveyance system is prohibited.
  4. Commercial tenants, multi-family building managers and industrial owners shall inspect trash receptacles and refuse storage areas on a weekly basis for loose garbage and liquid waste residue and shall not allow such garbage and residue to enter the storm drain system. Trash receptacles shall have solid covers and shall be closed to prevent the entry of rain and the exit of wind-blown litter. Trash receptacles shall be maintained without broken covers and leaks.
  5. Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas shall be drained to permeable surfaces and/or to the sewer and the water shall not be allowed to flow off the site.

B  Maintenance of Equipment

  1. Objects such as vehicle motor parts containing grease, oil or other hazardous substances, and unsealed receptacles containing hazardous materials, shall not be stored in areas susceptible to runoff.
  2. Any machine which is to be repaired or maintained in an uncovered outdoor area shall be placed on a pad of absorbent material to contain leaks, spills or small discharges.
  3. Machinery and equipment, including motor vehicles, which are leaking significant amounts of oil or fluid must be repaired.

C  Removal of Debris and Residue

  1. All motor vehicle parking lots susceptible to runoff shall be swept, at minimum, on a monthly basis to remove debris. Lots with more than ten parking spaces and all public parking facilities shall be vacuum swept, at minimum, on a quarterly basis. However, lots are not required to be vacuum swept for one month following a day when precipitation of one-half inch or more occurs.
  2. Fuel and chemical residue or other types of potentially harmful material, such as animal waste, garbage or batteries, which is located in an area susceptible to runoff, shall be removed immediately and disposed of properly. Household hazardous waste may be disposed of at the City's household hazardous waste collection facility or at any other appropriate disposal site and shall not be placed in a trash container.
  3. Intentional disposal of any trash, litter, debris or hazardous material of any type into a storm drain is prohibited. Section 5.20.040 of this Code prohibits discharge of other types of pollutants into the storm drain.

D  Prohibition on Use of Pesticides & Fungicides Banned fr. Manufacture

Use of any pesticide, herbicide or fungicide, the manufacture of which has been either voluntarily discontinued or prohibited by the Environmental Protection Agency, is prohibited. A list of these prohibited substances shall be maintained and made available to the public by the Environmental Programs Division (EPD). (Added by Ord. No. 1992CCS § 1 (part), adopted 11/28/00

Last updated: Thursday, 04/30/2009
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